Something for the gals

Once upon a time I used to make these make up bag/clutch bags for the girls. And then the ties started to take off so I canned the bags and concentrated on menswear. Recently I started experimenting with painting. And now the bags are back. Bigger (literally - 24cm x 15cm) and Better (I think anyway).

Edward Kwan started as a creative outlet for me in law school, where I would make my own clothing and post photos of my creations onto Facebook and Instagram. I eventually started experimenting with little clutch bags made out of pages from Anna Karenina and Chopin sheet music, enclosed in plastic. They were perfect for storing your make up and my friends loved them! However, around the same time I started making the bags, I also started making bow ties. And when the bow ties started to take off, I decided to cement the Edward Kwan brand as a menswear brand, specialising in bow ties, ties and pocket squares. 

This year we introduced custom made tailored suits, further cementing Edward Kwan as a menswear label. However, I have a personality that constantly gets bored and constantly seeks new projects and new things to create. I recently started my own personal projects which included planting a vegie patch and building an outdoor table and stool set out of palettes. And then I decided to start experimenting with painting.

At first I started off trying to do calligraphy and to come up with fancy ways to promote the Edward Kwan brand in writing. That was a big fail, so I moved on to painting creative patterns which I then transferred on to bow ties (see the last couple of blog posts for the results).

And then one day this week, I had the idea of reviving the little bags I used to make. But this time utilising my new favourite hobby: painting. This time round the bags are slightly bigger, so they can be used for make up, or as a clutch to store your wallet, keys and phone when you go out on the town, or even as a travel wallet to store your passport and important documents when you head overseas for a holiday.

Just quietly, I think they're pretty damn cool!!!