Interviewed by Leroy

Last weekend I participated in my very first interview on Edward Kwan with the fabulous Leroy Lorenzo, a fashion stylist and image consultant and final year student at the Whitehouse Institute of Design. Leroy is launching his very own menswear magazine Mr D Magazine next month. 

We caught up at my favourite place, The Bearded Man. Leroy is creating Mr D Magazine for his graduate exhibition at Whitehouse, but the inner businessman inside him thought why just use it for my graduate exhibition? Why not turn it into a proper magazine? And so he will do just that. 

Being a non-fashion-trained fashion label owner, I felt very special that he chose to interview me! I'm honoured that someone so talented and technically trained in fashion appreciates my designs and the work I am doing in the menswear sphere. I did run into a few fashion lingo road blocks during the interview though, having to occasionally ask Leroy what he meant by the question or literally what some words meant! Think I'll stick to law... In all seriousness though, it was great to answer his questions because it made me think about why I design my menswear the way I do, and to clarify with myself the style and look I am aiming to channel. It also made me realise that what I design is starkly different to how I personally dress and style myself, which is very muchly on the chic simple side...

I gave Leroy a couple of bowies to use in his upcoming shoot this weekend with fashion photographer, Karen Woo, so am excited to see how the photos turn out. And of course to see the debut issue of Mr D Magazine, which launches next month.

Check out some of Leroy's styling work below.