BYO Fabric

I recently worked with a customer to make a bow tie for her fiancé and a tie for her father out of left over fabric from her wedding dress. My customer, Keely, was really happy with how the ties turned out. They looked better than she expected, which is always a great result!

Keely came across Edward Kwan on Instagram, as most of my customers do. Being from Melbourne, we were able to meet in the CBD in our lunch breaks for me to have a look at the fabric and for her to point out which parts of the fabric she wanted to show in the tie. While it was a pretty casual meeting that took place on the busy footpath outside my office building, I got all the information I needed - and the fabric - and got to work.

Generally these days it's my father who makes most of the bow ties and ties. I just run the business and  prepare the marketing material, communicate with my customers, pick the fabric and create the hand painted designs. But because Keely's dress was made out of silk, which is a lot harder to work with, I made the ties myself. As with all my orders, I want them to turn out 100% perfectly and couldn't run the risk that my father might not know how to work well with silk. Especially because we only had a limited amount of leftover wedding dress fabric to work with.

Kelly and her now husband looked lovely on their wedding day, with a bouquet made from Australian natives to match the print on her dress. It was a bit of a uncanny coincidence that my sister also recently got married in a similar looking dress to Keely's with a bouquet made out of Australian natives, and her husband also wore a kilt and an Edward Kwan bow tie!

Photography by Sherise Fleming.