Don't get stuck. Learn how to tie.

Last week my sister married her husband, Ewan, who sported a kilt in Mackenzie family tartan and an Edward Kwan bow tie. Everything went smoothly, apart from Ewan frantically struggling to tie his bow tie. 

Another mate of mine recently purchased an Edward Kwan bow tie especially to wear to an event on the weekend. When Saturday night came around, he couldn't for the life of him work out how to tie the bow tie and didn't end up wearing it.

Don't be one of those guys. Learn to tie a bow tie today!

1. Lift up your collar and put the bow tie around your neck, with the left side hanging slightly longer than the right.

2. Cross the longer side (left) over the top of the shorter side (right). Cross it over quite close to your neck, so that the bow tie is not too loose around your neck but not too tight either. It needs to be workable.

3. Flip the longer side (left) underneath the shorter side (right) and loop it over completely, so that it comes out on top of the right side.

4. Now throw the top piece over your shoulder just to get it out of the way for now. Pick up the bottom piece and fold it in half so that it sits horizontally. This will become the front bow.

5. This is where it gets difficult. Bring the top piece back from your shoulder and let it drop over the centre of the horizontal front bow. Now pinch the sides of the horizontal front bow together, over the top of the top piece. You will notice that a small hole or loop now exists behind the horizontal front bow.

6. Feed the top piece through that small hole at the back, in the opposite direction of the horizontal front bow. This will form the back bow.  

7. And there you should have yourself a well-tied bow tie.

8. If all fails, check out our youtube tutorial below!