International ties

This week I sold my first ties to the United Arab Emirates. Edward Kwan is making its way around the world, slowly but surely. 

They say you only get out as much as you put in. Given I work full-time as a lawyer and run Edward Kwan on the side, I’m limited as to how much work and effort I can put into my little business. While I’m lucky that I work a day job that I actually enjoy, this means that I’m limited physically and time-wise when it comes to Edward Kwan, since I’m in the office generally between 8am and 6pm. I’m also limited from a mental health perspective! While I could spend every spare moment I have working on my business, I choose not to. If I am feeling a bit tired or stressed out due to having too much going on at once – which can happen when you’re trying to juggle a business alongside full-time work – I simply make the decision not to do anymore work and to take some time out. 

This ensures that whenever I do work on Edward Kwan, I’m doing it because I want to do it and because I’m passionate about it. And with a bit of delegation – think employing your father – it’s doable. Definitely doable. And despite my rant about not having enough time to put full effort into my business, I’m pretty proud of how far Edward Kwan has come. 

Today I'm celebrating the fact that Edward Kwan ties have made their way around the world to destinations such as United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland and Germany! The even greater thing is that I’ve only ever used social media to market my business. I think it’s pretty incredible that people around the world have found out about Edward Kwan purely through Facebook and Instagram.

The internet is an incredible thing...