Grandfather Kwan in Melbourne

My grandfather, Edward Kwan, emailed me a few weeks ago saying that he and my grandmother were coming to Melbourne to visit for a few days in September and to line up a couple of clients who wanted to be measured up for tailored suits. So I did.

We set off on Saturday morning, my grandfather, grandma, dad and myself piled into the car with a couple of sample suits, fabric swatches as well as a completed suit and bowie to deliver to a happy customer, Jackson. My grandma and I couldn't stop laughing when we drove off. What a bizarre feeling - my grandfather has run his tailoring business (which previously belonged to my great grandfather) since he was in secondary school. Decades later, who would have thought that his granddaughter would be carrying on the tailoring business together with him in Australia (I certainly wouldn't have). Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre. But awesome!

First stop was to deliver the suit and bowie to Jackson. Jackson and I went to school together 13 years ago but had not seen each other since then. Thanks to social media, all these years later, Jackson saw from Facebook that I was doing tailored suits and facebook messaged me to get one made for himself! Jackson is making the valedictory speech at his law school valedictory later this year and wanted a brand spankin' new suit and bow tie for the gig.

Next up we headed to Richmond to measure up three lovely lads. Matt had never been measured up for a tailored suit before, while David brought a long a suit he had bought in Japan that fitted him perfectly. Grandfather Kwan measured Dave up from scratch but then also cross checked the measurements against his favourite Japanese suit to ensure we make him an even more perfect suit!

Matt is the boyfriend of my friend Sylvia, whom Jackson and I went to school with 13 years ago as well. Dave is a friend of my brother, and Tristan is a long time friend from university. Tristan was also kind enough to let us use his place to measure the 3 boys up in.

Without the support of these friends and other friends who have supported my business in other ways -  such as buying my ties, referring customers to me or giving me business advice, marketing advice or just plain common sense advice - I highly doubt Edward Kwan would be where it is today.

So thanks guys!!