New year, new bowies

With 2 weeks off from work over Christmas, I've had plenty of time to come up with new bow tie designs for the new year! (As well as bringing back an old favourite, the 'Blue Floral Tie' now known as the Nathan).

I got the idea from a customer last year who wanted a two-toned navy and polka dot bow tie for his wedding with a diamond tip. All my bow ties up until now have just been the standard butterfly bow and made out of the one fabric. Don't get me wrong, I love a standard butterfly bowie made out of just one fabric, but I'm also all about constantly creating and improving. So I decided to branch out.

I'm really into linen clothing at the moment so knew I definitely wanted to incorporate some plain coloured linen into my new bow ties. For the patterned side, I've gone for the usual patterned cotton fabric and have hand-painted a couple of the designs as well. The two-toned bow ties are also reversible, so if you want a more simple look you can wear them with the plain coloured linen mostly showing.

Check out this little video I made that quickly showcases the new designs! I can't decide which one I like best but the Luke and the Cooper are strong contenders. Also check out the old favourite that I've brought back, the N A T H A N tie, here.