Ink experiment

I was chatting to a lady the other day in a fabric store about dyeing my own fabrics to make my ties and bow ties. I have had a couple of bottles of ink sitting in my drawer for some time, so decided to have an experiment.

I have no idea what I'm doing and know nothing about painting or proper technique, so these paintings are a fluke, but good looking flukes at that. And as a result of these flukes, I've scored my first proper commissioned art work to create for someone's house!

There's nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than creating, and there's also a lot of fun in just experimenting and not knowing how a piece is going to turn out. The piece on the left ended up looking like birds in a tree - however that was not my intention at all!

While I started out experiment with the ink because I wanted to turn the creations into fabric for bow ties, I think I'll just leave them as paintings and see where this leads...