My Cheongsam Creation

I recently visited Singapore and Hong Kong over the Christmas/New Years break. While I visit my grandparents and extended family in Singapore fairly regularly, it has been 10 years since I set foot in the Fragrant Harbour that is Hong Kong. Inspired by the Orient, I arrived home in Melbourne, and as you do, decided to make myself a modern version of the traditional Chinese dress, 旗袍: 'cheongsam' or 'qipao'.

It has been a good one and a half years since I created any womenswear, which is sad since designing dresses is how Edward Kwan started in the first place! But sometimes life gets too busy, especially when you are trying to juggle building a career as an intellectual property lawyer with building up a menswear label, whilst still having a life AND trying to rest and relax.

Anyway, this is what a traditional cheongsam looks like:

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I caught a free tram down to my usual fabric store in my lunch break and this fabric immediately caught my eye:

5 edward kwan cheongsam.png

Here are a couple of progress shots along the way:

And here are some photos of the final product, which I'm pretty happy with! Complete with my own version of traditional Chinese knot buttons.