My latest favourite hand painted order

I have loved watching my side business, Edward Kwan, grow organically over the years. The most rewarding part of it has been the growing popularity of my hand painted orders. One of my friends from law school recently contacted me to order a hand painted bow tie and pocket square to wear as a guest to a wedding on the weekend. While I'm completely happy to design something specific to my customers' requirements, I also love it when my customer says they are happy to be guided by me and for me to use my creative freedom to come up with a design!

I had come up with a similar design previously for another customer, using different shades of blue. However, he had not chosen that design. I personally thought it was an awesome design so was eager to see if this customer would like it! He will be wearing a navy blue suit and white shirt so didn't want too much blue in the design, but at the same time liked some of my past blue designs. So I came up with a few sketches for him:

hand painted bow tie hand painted pocket square edward kwan melbourne.JPG

After a bit of umming and ahhing with his work colleagues, my customer finally decided on the navy, red and pink design. The blue, lavender and pink design was a close contender. While we both liked the bottom design as well, we both agreed that it was slightly on the festive side.

See finished products below. I like this design so much I'm going to make some to list for sale as a regular bow tie, and in the blue, lavender and pink design as well.