My first commissioned art work

After experimenting with acrylic ink paintings last year, I was excited to receive my first commissioned art work request! Here are some photos documenting the progress of my painting, as well as an insight into my inspiration for the painting slash trial and error experimenting.

Most of my work - be it my ink paintings, hand painted bow tie designs or womenswear designs - are a result of trial and error experimentation. Given I have no formal training in art or fashion, all I have to go off is whatever I think looks good! Often my customers may tell me what colours they want me to use, or what they want the design to compliment. 

Other times, my customers just give me free reign to design whatever I want. This was one of those times.

I decided to use Melbourne as the basis of my inspiration for this painting. Specifically, the fact that in Melbourne we often experience four seasons of weather in one day.

In the bottom left corner, you can see Autumn, but it could also pass for Summer. In the top left corner, I used Summer as the inspiration. Water, beach. In the top right corner, I used thunder storms and winter as my inspiration. And then on the right side is Summer, orange, sun. 

After that, I stopped doing the four seasons and just added whatever I thought looked good. I particularly liked the combination of blue and pink so I used that to fill in the remaining space.

The painting actually sat unfinished in my apartment for a while until a friend came over this afternoon and said he thought the painting looked nearly complete enough and that the empty pockets in parts of the painting added to it. That was all the inspiration I needed to finally finish it, and with that I added the horizontal blue lines across the painting and called it a day!