All about the paint!

It has been way too long since I wrote a blog post! It has been a busy couple of months which have involved starting a new job as an associate to a Supreme Court Judge, signing Edward Kwan up to a new online fashion platform connecting independent Australian designers to customers worldwide (watch this space!) and painting bowies.

Sometimes when you get an idea, you just know it's going to work. Giving my blog a stalk, I realised the first time I thought of painting a bow tie was exactly 2 years ago. 

When I first started Edward Kwan as a way to showcase my womenswear creations, I never would have thought I'd end up 4 years later designing hand painted bow ties and pocket squares for weddings! But here we are - 2 years after I came up with the idea I'd have to say the hand painted (often custom designed) products are probably my most popular offering!

I recently worked on some hand painted pocket squares for a customer, Eugene, who was getting married. Some customers like to have a lot of input, some customers leave the creative aspect completely up to me. I would say Eugene was somewhere in the middle. 

hand painted pocket square bow tie necktie edward kwan melbourne 2.jpg

He picked hand painted designs that were already on my website and then suggested different colour combinations and themes that he thought would look good, as well as additional elements that he wanted me to experiment with. I would say it was a collaborative effort! These were the final results:

Another customer, Christina, who hails from the US of A and knows Edward Kwan through Instagram, is getting married next year to her sailor husband and knew that she wanted Nautical themed toddler bow ties. I came up with a couple of design ideas for her and after a lot of umming and ahhing between her and her fiancΓ© (and me via Instagram messenger), they finally picked one! The final products look super cute and I can't wait to see the boys wearing them on the big day!

Last but not least, I really loved working on this order from fashion blogger/photographer, Tri (@tri.edition for the Instanerds), who also knows of Edward Kwan through Instagram. He was speaking at a Mens fashion panel event and wanted to look the part. He told me he wanted a long bow tie and with paint splattered tips. I had to ask what a 'long bow tie' was, but after he sent me photos as well as a photo of paint splattered jeans I knew exactly what to make. See results below: 

(Who wore it better - me or him? Just kidding)