Ink paintings

I haven’t been painting actual paintings much recently and have been focussing on the bow ties and hand painted bow ties aspect of Edward Kwan (which in fairness is the main aspect of my business), but after I posted one of my previous paintings on Instagram I’ve had a couple of paintings customers! I am really in my element and can zone out and just focus on the art when I work on paintings. This painting is for Ailsa, who actually visited my apartment recently and saw a couple of my ink paintings that I have for myself, so decided she wanted one for herself.

edward kwan ink painting melbourne australia .JPG

I’m not sure if I can even call this ‘painting’ and I certainly don’t claim to know how to paint!! It’s more that I have an eye for colours and patterns. But if you gave me a photo of something and asked me to paint it, I would have no idea how to. Coming up with hand painted designs for bow ties, ties and pocket squares is a different process and more like ‘proper’ painting.

My painting started off like in the above photo. I never really have a plan when I start, apart from which colour combinations will go nicely together. I continued along this path but when the canvas was nearly filled up, I decided I didn’t like the painting!! This often happens to me with things I design, be it actual paintings or bow tie designs. Usually if I leave it for a couple of days, the design will grow on me and I’ll change my mind and actually like the design.

In this case, I decided not to risk it and instead decided to tip the canvas on one side and let the ink run to get like a dripping effect. The result was awesome!! See close up below as well as a photo of the finished painting. I’ve got a few more orders now for paintings so can’t wait to get started on the next one!

edward kwan ink paintings melbourne australia ailsa.JPG
edward kwan ink painting melbourne australia.JPG