Custom hand painted wedding order process

I thought it would be cool to do a post on the process of a custom hand painted wedding order! I recently completed my new favourite order (seems like all my new orders become my favourite order) - but I was reeeeallly happy with the final products for this one. Think garden party wedding!

The process for a custom order generally starts off by the customer completing an enquiry form through my website, however this customer messaged me on Instagram. Turns out her fiancΓ© and his mates had also worn Edward Kwan bow ties for their engagement party. Love a repeat customer!

Next, she let me know what she was after. She wanted hand painted bow ties (one design for the groom and a different design for the two groomsmen) and the theming of the wedding was a garden wedding brought indoors. So lots of floral. Colour scheme was to be berry tones of deep reds, burgundy, violet / plum, pinks with gold accents with a background of greenery.

So I got to work and created these initial designs for her:

edward kwan hand painted bow ties pocket squares melbourne 7.jpg

She told me she was leaning towards the two bow tie designs on the right hand side and then sent me a photo of her bouquet so that I could match the colours more. I then came up with a new and improved colour scheme:

edward kwan hand painted bow ties pocket squares melbourne 11.png

We decided that we liked the two designs on the right, but the green needed to be a darker tone and she wasn't too keen on the green stem design. So I darkened the green and used the same background for both designs, and we finally had a winner:

Next it was time to transfer the designs on to the actual bow ties and pocket squares. I've gone all out with this blog post and have even uploaded videos:

I was pretty thrilled with the end product and hopefully my customer will be too when she receives them in the mail next week!