The Wiggles in Edward Kwan bow ties!

I was super excited to see Anthony the Blue Wiggle and the Wiggles musicians dressed in their Edward Kwan green velvet bow ties on Lachy the Purple Wiggle, and Emma the Yellow Wiggle's Instagram pages this weekend! I started Edward Kwan for a creative outlet while in law school and couldn't be prouder to see how it has progressed over the years!

edward kwan bow ties melbourne.png

Lachy contacted me late last year to order green velvet bow ties for a local carols event that The Wiggles and team were performing in. I'm happy to see that they are utilising the bow ties for more shows, including the Emma and Lachy tour. Coincidentally, they also wore my bow ties when performing in my home town, Launceston, so that was pretty special too!

Big thanks to my dad for doing such a good job of sewing them. I quickly discovered that velvet is super hard to sew with as it is slippery and moves around when you are trying to sew the pieces together. I was originally going to sew them myself because my dad was overseas at the time, but I decided it was too hard and kept them for my dad to tackle when he got back. 


edward kwan bow ties melbourne 2.png