Hand painted bow ties on a navy blue base

Often my customers are the ones who come up with the great new ideas for me! In this case, my customer Candice, asked for the Ivan bow tie but with pink peony flowers instead. The problem was that the Ivan bow tie isn't even a hand painted design, it's made out of pre-printed fabric. But I always find a solution and decided to experiment by hand painting the flowers on navy blue cotton instead of the usual white cotton. The result was preetttyyy nice!

edward kwan hand painted handmade bow ties melbourne australia 6.JPG

At first I didn't even know if the paint would show up on navy blue cotton, so I bought some fabric to test. And it turns out it does!

edward kwan hand painted handmade bow ties melbourne australia 5.JPG

Next I had to work out how to paint peonies. I always warn customers that I'm not a trained artist so don't actually know how to paint. But I always come up with something! Here are some of the draft hand painted bow tie designs I came up with, with my various interpretations of peonies.

My customer ended up choosing the bow tie design on the top in the right photo, with more flowers showing. By the way, the pink colour of the flowers is to match the bridesmaids' dresses which is often the case with custom wedding bow tie and pocket square orders!

Here are  some videos of the painting process. Okay my website isn't letting my embed my Instagram videos into this blog post. So here are the links to the videos of the painting process on Instagram:

Painting the pocket squares - click here.

Painting the foliage on the inside of the bow ties - click here.

And painting the bow ties - click here.

I nearly stuffed up one of the peonies in the above video when a big paint glob ended up on my paint brush. But I managed to smooth it over! Here is a photo of one of the finished pocket squares, unfolded:

edward kwan hand painted handmade bow ties melbourne australia 7.JPG

Since posting this order on my instagram, I've already had two other customers order hand painted bow ties and ladies bow ties on the navy blue cotton base. Hopefully there will be more to come because it looks soooooo good!!!!!