Instameet with my #1 customers!

edward kwan ink paintings melbourne australia.JPG

A few weeks ago I finally met my #1 customers Joseph, Jacinta and baby Olivia in real life! I think they call it an #instameet. I first worked on some hand painted bow ties and pocket squares for Joseph and Jacinta’s wedding about three years ago, and since then they’ve been my and Edward Kwan’s biggest supporters!

What makes their support even more genuine is that they are not friends or family of mine, they just genuinely think my art is awesome! Joseph has bought lots of bow ties from me ever since and has even referred his mates to me to get bow ties made for their own weddings.

When baby Olivia was born, I designed a hand painted hair bow for her and now, she has her very own Edward Kwan ink painting in her bedroom! Joseph asked me to take inspiration for the colour palette from her olive onesie - which she is wearing in this photo - which is how we settled on the pink, olive green and orange/bronze colour combination.

And while one instagram follower commented ‘It looks like the baby painted it’ (I actually agree!! Haha - but that is abstract art for you), Joseph and Jacinta love the painting!