Bow ties for surgeons

I recently completed my biggest hand painted bow tie order to date and for my third corporate client this year! My client is a medical devices company and wants to gift hand painted bow ties to its surgeon clients because surgeons love to wear bow ties. What a great gift idea and a nice gesture to their clients!

hand painted bow ties melbourne australia edward kwan 3.png

The one thing that is different and cool about this order is that I also had to hand paint on to each bow tie my client’s corporate logo! It’s definitely difficult to hand paint a logo by free hand, but it also adds to the whole artisan ‘hand painted’ look of the bow tie when the logo isn’t 100 per cent perfect and the same as the next one.

As per usual practice, I came up with a number of different designs after our lunch meeting over a big delicious bowl of pho. While I was more leaning toward the designs not being too bright and out there for a corporate client, my client Ken was more than happy for me to design a couple of bright bow ties with pink and everything! So I came up with the following designs - some bright, some a bit more low key.

hand painted bow ties melbourne australia edward kwan.jpg

Once we decided on the designs, I got to work painting 24 bow ties - 6 in each design. Here are some progress shots.

Also, if you want to see videos of the painting process, head to my Instagram here.

Here’s another photo of the finished bow ties. I dunno about you, but I’d be pretty happy receiving one of these bow ties as a gift!

hand painted bow ties melbourne australia edward kwan 4.png