Hand painted handmade bow ties

With a personality that gets bored very easily, I am constantly looking for new things to challenge myself with and to grow. I decided to experiment with a paintbrush and some paint, as a new way to create. Throw in some bow ties, and this is what you end up with…

I started off just experimenting with some left over children’s paint that had been purchased for my cousin’s toddlers to play with a few years ago. Using a sketch book, I drew very rough flowers all over the page in random spots using 3 different colours. Something I probably would have done back when I was a child. I then cut out a tester bow tie out of the painted paper and surprisingly it looked quite good. So next I painted some fabric and turned it into…..

My next experiment was to create a black and white bow tie, because let’s face it, everyone loves a black bow tie. Because I can’t actually draw or sketch for the life of me, it was time to fake it with more random patterns painted all over the page, inspired by Chinese calligraphy.


Take that same method, but this time some proper fabric paint and some white silk blend and you have yourself a black and white 中文 inspired bow tie!

My latest, but definitely not last, experiment was simply to splotch paint all over the page. I originally tested this out with the children’s paint, which created a striking pattern but not necessarily the nicest looking bow tie. I felt the colours scheme was too dark.


However I liked the idea of the pattern. So this time armed with proper fabric paint and some white silk blend, I combined four brighter colours, splotching the paint randomly all over the fabric. See below for results:

Watch this space…