The Olive design - inspired by my new niece, Olive!

A bit more than a week ago, my first little cutie patootie niece, Olive, was born! A friend joked that I now needed to design an Olive inspired bowie, and so I did! It looked nice on paper, but when I painted it onto fabric it took on a whole different look! Really happy with how it turned out...

This is baby Olive and my mum, Ivy - daughter of Edward Kwan!!


Cute as! 

Here's the design I came up with initially in my sketchbook. It's of olive branches/leaves and black olives. Also a photo of baby Olive at the bottom for context (it was posted on Instagram).

olive hand painted bow tie edward kwan melbourne 3.png

Now here's a video of me painting the design on to fabric already sewn together as a ladies' bow tie. I had mixed the fabric paint with water to give a lighter/softer feel to it and the water ran more on the fabric than it did on the paper. This gave a really nice watercolourey feel/look to it and also widened the size of the leaves!

Photos of the final product below. I love the design so much - it's definitely my new favourite creation so far. But I literally say that every time I create a new design.... I love it so much that I'm going to make hair bow in the design to give to Olive. I'm also going to paint the design on to a men's necktie. I don't hand painted neckties a lot, usually it's bow ties that I paint because I feel like there's a lot of flat surface area on a necktie so if it's hand painted there may be way too much going on unless the design is simple and subtle. Because the Olive design is light, sparse and subtle, I think it will work perfectly on a necktie! Watch this space.