Get your pet painted on a bow tie

Recently my customer requested a bow tie with his pet staffy dog, Bowie, painted on it. Being self-taught at painting, my work method is trial and error most of the time. This project was definitely 200% error most of the way, but I was pretty happy with how it turned out in the end!!

Here is a photo of Bowie:


What a good looking boy! It was hard to do him justice, trying to paint a portrait of him. I especially like that he's wearing a tie in the photo too.

See below for the progress shots. Some of the initial attempts are pretty hilarious, but hey I've never claimed to be a proper artist!! Whatever a proper artist is!

Things started to take a turn for the best after my 7th attempt!! Here is the finished hand painted bow tie featuring Bowie the Staffy:

I even personally delivered it to Blaine! He was pretty happy with it and said the bow tie looked even better in real life than in the photo.

edward kwan hand painted handmade bow ties melbourne australia 2.JPG